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Clunk clunk clunk

Where am I… What is that sound… What is that smell… Is that the singe of my flesh with a touch?

Clunk clunk clunk

Then the flare, oh my, the pain on my back and his rants about thinking I’d not go through with it… Then they were tearing at my flesh… There was that torch again, this time it was a scorch

Clunk clunk clunk

How did I get here, I remember being with my friends, entering a city, there was a donkey, thought it was fun, there were tree branches on the ground ….

clunk clunk clunk

Then they were going on about adding more heat to the fire, how do you add more heat to an already over enthusiastic flame on steroids…  And what is it with that sound?

Clunk clunk clunk

It was coming back to me in bits… I apparently was in love and I am in love. A love so complete so all engulfing… But the pain, my god, the pain

Clunk clunk clunk

Then I was sharing a meal with the guys, we broke bread, we had wine. We had such a good time… To ease the coming strain?

Clunk clunk clunk

Then we were walking in a garden, I told them not to sleep, to keep watch, but then they were so tired. There were two more people, but then they were gone.

Clunk clunk clunk

The guys were asleep again, then there were soldiers, they seemed to be looking for… For me? Oh, at least, one of my best friends was with them… He gave me a kiss… Must be drunk I thought, but then they took me away, the soldiers… Why soldiers, man?

Clunk clunk clunk

This guy, seething with power, offered my release, but then, the object of my affection, my lover, she said bring out the other guy… What? But I love you… I’ll prove it… Man this fire

Clunk clunk clunk

I was coming to, burning my sides, oh how death smells, it needs to get a life…but he was laughing again, talking about how stupid it was that I chose to do this in human form… But I love her, damn I love her so I’ll do this, for my love I’ll endure

Clunk clunk clunk

They threw a tree over me, forced me to carry it for a while to humiliate me in the presence of my lover… my friends hid, my lover laughed… They lashed at my flesh, they kicked, spat at and mocked me… Then they put a thorny crown on my head…

Clunk clunk clunk

Then came the explanation for that sound…  they were driving huge iron nails through my hands… The pain, oh my god… Forgive them… They don’t know what they are doing… I choose to love them instead

Clunk clunk clunk

Then they propped me up, hands on my side, hung on a tree with two other guys… Couldn’t breathe… Had to pull myself up to get a breath in, every time

Clunk clunk clunk

Then I got to give up my spirit, and he was waiting for me, that was after I was speared to my side, but I was already dead, and that was after one of them gave me some vinegar or was that wine?

Clunk clunk clunk

The sound was as a drone, but my time was over in the abyss and he had to let me go, I was gone a day on Earth but I’ve been here a thousand years… He was screaming profanities cause he knew he was defeated…  My lover, all your debt paid in full, in advance
Clunk clunk clunk

The sound became that of a heart beat, that of hope..  I woke to a start on a cold slab, I remembered everything now… They attended to me, rolled away the stone, I stepped out the tomb, Father, it is finished, it is done, now with love she has a chance

© TarliQue 2016


Hymns, Poetry, Songs

My Heart Stopped

I’ll look for you
Throw you in a beehive
Scream again and you won’t be alive
And I’m not worried
By your toxic flower
I’m coming at you with all my power

I won’t cool you down
I won’t fix your frown
You’ll turn blue and brown
You will reap what you sown

I’m taking my time
Washed out in the rain
Falling down the drain
And thinking this through
I’m dumping you by the train
Hope you feel the pain

I won’t cool you down
I won’t fix your frown
You’ll turn blue and brown
You will reap what you sown

My heart stopped
Just when my head froze
You’re suddenly stuck in your pose
And I think I’m dying here
The pain kind of glows
Watching for the curl of your toes

Ooh, how the pain kind of glows
Ooh, only to see the curl of your toes
Ooh, see how the pain kind of glows
Ooh, it’s worth it to see the curl of your toes

© TarliQue 2016

Conscious, Poetry

The Necro-Police

Suddenly I don’t feel safe on this planet. What with all the technological advances and sophisticated police the world over they’ve never been able to bring suicide bombers to justice… None,  not even one…

I pray science and witchcraft come together and introduce the first ever epic and awesome Necropolice. This ultra elite police force will defy natural laws and will follow perpetrators to the heart of hell or heaven (most of these guys are in heaven anyways)  to bring them to justice here on earth. Then I’ll feel safe… No one will be able to sell that killing in the name of some cruel bored god to anyone.

The Necro-police

Keeping you safe for real

You should be scared


EVE: The Elemental Masterpiece

On the first day, He separated the darkness from the light
The day from the night

On the second, He fashioned the elements, The Creator
Splitting the sky from the water

And on the next, he created the land
The lush vegetation sprung forth by His command

Day four and the celestial bodies came to be, the space luminaries
Dominating the nights and days, lighting the earth for centuries

On the fifth day, the skies filled with birds flying, screeching like fife
By His word the waters were teeming with life

And on the sixth, He created all manner of beast, big and small
Then He Made man, but His greatest creation of all

Was the woman

He fashioned her with the right elements to portray His attributes here
At 65% oxygen, she’s a breath of fresh air

18.5 % carbon so she remains sharp in her synergy
With 9.5 % Hydrogen for the right flare of energy

3.2 % nitrogen
1.5 % calcium for her bones so light
1% Phosphorus has her shining so bright

0.4 % potassium means she just might bear with you, well
0.3 % sulphur for when she brings the wrath of hell

0.2 % sodium
Equal to the chlorine just the right proportion to add flavor
0.1 % magnesium, well I don’t know what she does with that either

With trace elements of Boron, Chromium, Copper, Flourine , Iodine , iron, manganese , mobydium , selenium , zinc and Vanadium
Arsenic even, poisoning you a bit but hell,  what can you do about this woman

Now I don’t know how long these days were He created everything else out of nothing
Made man out of  earth
Then he made his masterpiece out of man, Wow that was something

Cause she had to be so refined
So delicate So sought after
A pure product made of the supreme being’s finest matter

I sometimes wonder at the first woman, perfect to every atom
Adam must have dropped and lost his A, like damn!!!

Edited by
Wanji © 2016



My mind runs away with me
Into the bushes
Up a tree
I cannot seem to see clearly
My blood rushes
What could this be?
Indecent thoughts that plague me
Funny how this world suffers from both starvation and obesity

My mind runs away with me Nonsensical all I see
In my mind’s eye perception is apparent
It’s all a virtual reality
Disgustingly delicious meals Openly suspicious people
A pure profanity
Seriously though
Isn’t it curious how they speak with such a deafening silence
The biggest irony being life itself: fatal
No one makes it out alive!

My mind run away with me Kleptomaniacs, they carry me

Into the woods…

Into the woods where feet smell and noses run

Into the woods where you are sent to school to get an education
So you can work for the people that couldn’t be bothered to get one

Into the woods where a store is open 24 hours a day 365 days a year
But why are there locks on the door?

Into the woods where a girl says she can’t date you cause you’re too much of a friend
So what she really want is someone else who is too much of a stranger?
Years later she cries that her husband don’t talk to her no more
That she don’t know him no more
Won’t say more

Into the woods where they sterilize needles used for Lethal Injections
Where fire is lukewarm like the morality of the law of this Christian Nation
Where the legal age of consent is 16 but you are only legally allowed to get married when you are 18 or is it 21

My mind runs away with me
Into the bushes up a tree
Where I sit pondering…
Do infants enjoy infancy as much as adults enjoy adultery?

I’m lost for words in a place so warped
When I see a pregnant lady
I think to myself so she was…

Okay here’s something… ever wondered why there isn’t any Mouse flavored cat food… Mmmm?
Or why we call this planet Earth when it is more than 71% water
More than, because there’s some more in the air, in the trees, in your dog, in her cat, in its mouse, in you?

Take me to church on a Sunday with my best suit, in my favourite dress
Catch me if you can… Of course cause I know you will… Cause the only way you will take me there is in a hearse

My mind tends to wonder though different religions different beliefs?
No… not really if you come down to evaluate and call things by their proper name

We fight over the messenger the world over, but have you heard the message?
The message is the same

Edited by Wanji

© TarliQue 2016